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aiken pet fitness and rehabilitation

About Aiken Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation

All pets at some point in their lives need physical therapy or conditioning. To meet that need, our staff includes a veterinarian certified and experienced in rehabilitation.

Dr. Sybil Davis evaluates every patient and reviews its medical history, current medical problem, body condition, lifestyle, nutrition, and medication. Next, an individualized program that includes goals you’ve set for your pet is developed. Then we prescribe and provide quality care. At the end of the day, we want the same for your pet that you do — compassionate care and enjoyable, effective treatment. Our services »

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Sybil Davis, DVM, CCRP, CVMA

Dr. Sybil Davis

Dr. Davis has practiced small animal medicine and surgery since graduating from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985.

He couldn’t speak English but a yellow lab named Otis sparked Dr. Davis’ interest in animal rehabilitation. She met him several years ago when his concerned owners sought help for him. Otis was 9 years old and suffering from severe arthritis in his hocks. Those ankle joints hurt so much that Otis could barely get up and no longer wanted to walk. He was lethargic and depressed. As a result of inactivity, he was obese at 88 pounds and already taking the maximum dose of pain medication.

“At the time, rehab was a newly developing field that I didn’t know much about,” Dr. Davis says now. But she was determined to help Otis and researched rehabilitation information to develop a plan for him. It involved diet, hydrotherapy and other exercises, and changes in his pain relief program. Dr. Davis also helped his owners determine what household modifications would make the home more livable for Otis. Fortunately, they were devoted and dedicated participants in their dog’s rehabilitation.

After eight months, Otis had lost 23 pounds and was again excited to go for walks. He still had trouble with his rear legs, but he could get up with no problem and needed pain medication only occasionally. His quality of life had gone from barely tolerable to excellent.

“I was amazed to see the transformation,” says the doctor, who knew Otis was literally a walking success story when he came in to see her with a happy, alert expression and a toy in his mouth, wanting to play. “After that, I decided to pursue certification in canine rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee.”

Certified in 2007, she first incorporated rehab into a general practice in Ridgeland, S.C., then decided to do rehab full time, first at a surgical specialty practice, and now in her rehab-fitness only facility. As doctor in charge, Dr. Davis performs rehabilitation evaluations, prescribes medications and develops rehabilitation protocols for individual patients. She also supervises treatments performed by staff members and monitors patients during hydrotherapy.

“I opened my rehab practice to offer more services, especially to senior pets and those owners who wish to take an active role in exercising their own pets.”

She has been part of a dramatic evolution in the field that Otis “talked” her into. “I decided my rehab practice would follow how I practiced general medicine, concentrating on prevention, not just healing pets with medical problems,” says Dr. Davis. “Otis taught me how good animals can become with rehab, but I thought, ‘Why wait until they get as bad as Otis before starting therapy?’”

That’s why Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation offers amenities including a full gym, two underwater treadmills, quiet treatment rooms, an outside walking trail, and it's latest rehabilitation service — veterinary acupuncture for which Dr. Davis is certified through Colorado State University. Veterinary medical acupuncture is a cutting-edge therapeutic technique that uses scientific knowledge to stimulate the nervous system. It is beneficial for relieving pain and improving neurologic problems, muscle tension and other medical conditions, including anxiety, kidney disease and gastrointestinal issues. Western medical acupuncture for both people and pets is based on science and is rapidly becoming part of mainstream conventional medicine. With the addition of acupuncture, Dr. Davis is excited to offer another drug-free method of controlling pain and improving function in her patients.

Away from the office, Dr. Davis cares for four terrier mutts, three cats, a gaited horse and a mini mule. She and her husband Kirk share a small farm, where they raise Miniature Hereford cattle.

Annette Turno, LVT, CCRP

Annette Turno, a licensed veterinary technician, is the latest team member to receive certification as a canine rehabilitation practitioner. The yearlong process included six in-depth courses at the University of Tennessee, and treating dogs with neurological and orthopedic problems. A part of her CCRP training, she put her classroom knowledge to practical use at a busy rehab facility in Atlanta.

Annette, who assists Dr. Sybil Davis, will help treat overweight dogs, dogs recovering from surgery and sports injuries, and those undergoing treatment for arthritis, chronic pain and neurological disorders. Annette graduated from North Augusta High School and received a degree in veterinary technology from Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, S.C. She worked as a vet tech for Aiken Veterinary Clinic from 1981 until 2010. In January 2011, she joined Dr. Davis at Aiken Pet Fitness. She and her husband Don own Turnobout Farms, a horse boarding facility in Aiken. Annette was born with a passion for animals, particularly horses, and has shown Arabians for many years.

Holly Landes, DVM, Animal Chiropractic, IVCA Certified

Dr. Holly Landes has practiced small animal and equine medicine since 2005, when she graduated from Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. She was awarded an Army Health Professions Scholarship in her second year of veterinary school and spent four years after graduation as an Army vet. While caring for military working dogs, she saw many musculoskeletal injuries that forced the early retirement of these talented animals. Soon, she turned her focus on a quick recovery from traumatic injuries and prevention. She witnessed the immediate and obvious effects of chiropractic care on her own horses and was inspired to bring chiropractic care into her everyday practice. Dr. Landes attended Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic and was certified in animal chiropractic by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association in February 2014.

Our Facility

Our treatment center is warm and inviting to speed the healing process. In addition to state-of-the art equipment made specifically for animal rehabilitation and fitness, we’ve made a conscious effort to design a comfortable living room atmosphere to calm even the most nervous pet.

The sunny, spacious gym has a land treadmill, mini trampoline, balance boards, ramp and steps, physioballs, and more, and the hydrotherapy room has two underwater treadmills. Cozy, quiet treatment rooms make it easy for pets to relax while undergoing manual and laser therapy, massage, electric stimulation/TENS, ultrasound and other therapies.

Outside, the grounds are natural. The perimeter walk includes obstacles, hills, slopes and uneven walking surfaces to challenge your pet mentally and physically.

Because we believe owner participation is important to a pet’s recovery, owners are always encouraged to be present during treatments. We see patients Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings by appointment, and offer all-day care to pets that benefit from it most.

A unique feature of our practice is that pet owners can use the gym and hydrotherapy treadmills on their own with supervision during open fitness hours because, in reality, the success of any rehab program depends on the pet and owner working together. This is one way to spend quality time with your pet and share the gratitude as it begins to feel better.

You will find:

  • A hydrotherapy room with two underwater treadmills
  • Quiet treatment rooms for manual therapy, massage, ultrasound, electric stimulation, laser treatments and pulsing electromagnetic therapy
  • A gym equipped with land treadmills, physioballs, a ramp, steps, balance equipment, a mini trampoline, and more
  • An outdoor fitness area

New patients and their owners are always welcome. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to noon by appointment. Click here or call
(803) 226-0012 to make an appointment.


What our clients say ...

Quinn and I visited Dr. Sybil Davis at Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation this morning. I am so impressed. What a positive experience. The facility, the staff and Dr. Davis are great at what they do. I highly recommend them for any fitness or rehab needs. Thanks for fitting us in.

  — Nancy Webster, Quinn's owner

Snoopy and I love Sybil and Maggie (and Annette too, although we don't see her as often). Snoopy has recovered almost completely from her torn ACL with no surgery.

  — Mary Lou Seymour, Snoopy's owner
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