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aiken pet fitness and rehabilitation

Schedule of Fees

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Evaluation: Includes an exam with an orthopedic and neurological assessment, and a home physical therapy exercise program
Stance Analysis: Performed during an initial evaluation. Identifies lameness and determines how much weight is placed on each limb. Used for diagnosis, to develop a treatment plan and it is repeated to monitor patient progress.  
  Initial Stance Analysis $40
  Repeat Analysis $36
Evaluation with Initial Treatment: In addition to the evaluation this service includes introductory gym exercises; pain relief treatments (massage, range of motion, cold laser and PEMF); and a walking/training session in the underwater treadmill. $185
Rehabilitation Progress Evaluation: Recheck exam; repeat measurements; and updated homecare program.  $68
Rehabilitation Treatment: Therapeutic exercise, pain relief treatments and hydrotherapy included.  $110
Brief Treatment: Includes two therapies; exercise; pain relief treatments; and hydrotherapy.    $96
Discounts for multiple sessions  
Rehabilitation Boarding: 24-hour care includes daily rehab treatment and boarding. Price determined by level of care. Call for estimate.     

Hydrotherapy in Underwater Treadmill

  20-minute session $62
  30-minute session $72
  Assisted hydrotherapy $80
Discounts for multiple sessions  
Acupuncture Initial Evaluation $65
Acupuncture Treatment $68
Acupuncture Treatment/Cold Laser/Manual Therapy Session $98
Cold Laser/Manual Therapy Session $68
Electric Stimulation/TENS Treatment $65
Pulsing Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) $16
Chiropractic Adjustment $60

Fitness Services

Fitness Evaluation with Treatment: Exam with measurements; goal-oriented homecare program; gym and underwater treadmill orientation $145
Fitness Progress Evaluation: Recheck exam; repeat measurements; and homecare program update $68
Fitness Session: Includes gym exercise and hydrotherapy $82
Brief Fitness Session: Gym and land treadmill exercise $29
Fitness Daycare: Individual exercise program spread throughout the day $30
Discounts for multiple sessions  

New patients and their owners are always welcome. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to noon by appointment. Click here or call
(803) 226-0012 to make an appointment.


What our clients say ...

Quinn and I visited Dr. Sybil Davis at Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation this morning. I am so impressed. What a positive experience. The facility, the staff and Dr. Davis are great at what they do. I highly recommend them for any fitness or rehab needs. Thanks for fitting us in.

  — Nancy Webster, Quinn's owner

Snoopy and I love Sybil and Maggie (and Annette too, although we don't see her as often). Snoopy has recovered almost completely from her torn ACL with no surgery.

  — Mary Lou Seymour, Snoopy's owner
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